MCI due to AD presents as subtle problems with memory, language, and thinking that may be easily dismissed by a patient or their care partner.1

Adults in the US map icon
5-7 million adults
(in the US) aged 65 years and older may experience MCI due to early-stage AD1
Adults icon
Each day >2000 older adults
may transition from MCI/mild dementia due to AD to moderate AD2-8
1 in 2 patients icon
1 in 2 of these patients
go undiagnosed9

Identifying the early warning signs of Alzheimer’s disease is urgent1

Act Early Act Now

New care pathways are emerging that may slow the progression of disease but catching MCI due to AD early is critical.1

Alzheimer’s disease may go unrecognized for years due to several factors.1

Access to health care and support
Access to health care and support services
Stigma of AD
The stigma of AD across cultures
Limited awareness
Limited awareness and understanding of disease
Fear of being deprived
Patient’s fear of being deprived of driving and other lifestyle privileges
Health care system limitations
Health care system limitations due to capacity and economic disparities

When you think of Alzheimer’s disease, what do you see?

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Discover what causes MCI due to AD

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